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Data Center

The Data Center is based on the Nagycenk Geophysical Observatory data (IAGA code: NCK; maintained by the Geodetic and Geophysical Observatory of Hung. Acd. Sci.). The Data Center is established by the support of the National Office for Research and Technology.

Select a data type:

Geomagnetic data: the minute mean values of X, Y, Z components of geomagnetic field. The datafiles are in INTERMAGNET format. Daily update.

Hourly geomagnetic data: the hourly mean values of H, D, Z components of geomagnetic field plus F. Yearly update.

Ionograms: the hourly graphs. Hourly update (soon).

Atmospheric electric potential gradient data: the hourly mean values of potential gradient (V/m). The annual graphs show the daily mean values. Yearly update.

T index: a 3-hour electric activity index for the Ex and Ey component, have a linear scale with a step of 1.8 mV/km. Range is from 0 to 9. The annual graphs show the daily cumulative indices. Yearly update (daily update soon).

K index: a 3-hourly quasi-logarithmic local index (ASM type) of geomagnetic activity. Range is from 0 to 9. Daily update.

The graphical reprezentations of data are freely accessible. To download the data files, please log in.

Last update: 01-03-2011
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